About Us

A small family business from the Wirral, Merseyside 

Hello! Jen here! 

I'm the owner and creator of Fairy Fountain Gift Shop, I have been creating these gifts for you since 2013. I started the shop when I was 23 with just a few supplies to make clip on earrings for my daughter when a pair of hers broke. I wanted to be at home with my young children and found a way to make it work. It's one of the best things I ever did! 

In 2020 (just before the pandemic!) my fiancé Joel joined me in running the business and we work together every day. I am so lucky to have someone who shares my enthusiasm and ambition. 

We have three children, Rose (15), Lily (10) and Lyra (4) who help to keep us motivated and moving forwards even during difficult times. 

Special thanks to the other members of our team - 

My mum Alison, she makes our necklace chains and helps to pack up your orders ready for shipment!

We are hopeful that by building this website that we can have a closer relationship with our customers, we'd love to help make it as accessible as possible and your gifts as custom and special as possible. If you have any feedback please contact us and let us know! :)